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 Private & Group Lessons            

The Langley Ukulele Association is excited to announce that classroom, small groups (2 to 4 people - including parents), and private ukulele lessons are now available for children!


Beyond our focus on providing children with the opportunity to ‘Enrich Lives Through Music’ by performing for audiences locally and abroad, The Langley Ukulele Association is also pleased to be able to enrich lives by providing music instruction for school-aged children. 


Our instructors are trained in the same methods that have been used for over 40 years with our ensemble members and our prices are reasonably set for affordability. 


  • Class Instruction: 

    • $690 for a full year (9 months of weekly lessons - including concerts for parents)

    • Prorated for late admission for January start

  • Private 1 on 1 teaching: 30 minute lesson = $22.50 per lesson 

  • Private 1 on 1 teaching: 45 minute lesson = $30.00 per lesson (private with 1 parent participating if desired)

  • Small Group instruction: 1 hour lesson = Group of  2 $45 per lesson. If you are interested in having group lessons for more than 2 people, please send an email to


* All learning resources will be emailed to parents with the expectation that they will be made available to the students. 

** Teachers may add a travel surcharge if required to come to your home.

All 30- and 45-minute lessons are private. 60-minute lessons can include up to three students as long as one is an adult.

These rates are for a ‘Student Teacher’ from the Langley Ukulele Ensemble. Rates are available for a Professional Teacher upon request. Contact for information.

Please contact for registration details.

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