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A message from our President...


Dear Alumni Members,

The last few years have seen several changes in the Langley Ukulele Association but I could not be more pleased with the great work being done by Paul and Elizabeth in continuing the tradition of 'Enriching Lives Through Music'. The 35th Anniversary event offers us a chance to celebrate the history of the organization and recognize the successful transition that has occurred to the next generation of Langley ukulele performers. 


I have enjoyed following the careers and successes of so many of our past members. I have had the privilege of having some or your children attend the schools where I have worked, or bumped into you at the mall. Sandi and I have attended weddings, met your spouses, your young families, and even shared in the loss of loved ones. Through it all it is clear that ukulele has been an integral part of our lives and of the Langley community.


Any organization that has existed for 35 years will have done so through the efforts and support of many and it is indeed an appropriate milestone and deserving of an opportunity to celebrate and reminisce together. 


Best Regards,

Peter Luongo 

Are you an alumni member wanting to get together with other alumni? Reminiscing old times and playing some old songs? E-mail to find out about upcoming events!

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