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 Maestro Peter Luongo - Your Online Instructor

Ukulele Maestro, and Inspirational leader Peter Luongo has taught thousands of children, youth, and adults to play the ukulele during the past five decades. Some of whom learned a thing or two from Peter over those years. Take for example, James Hill a former member of the Langley Ukulele Ensemble, who is a Juno nominated and accomplished musician.

Peter Luongo is considered one of the world’s most experienced and preeminent ukulele teachers. As a matter of fact, his accomplishments were documented in the award-winning film, "The Mighty Uke".  His learning techniques are simple and fun.

Peter is now offering a series of free online Ukulele lessons from this website, to get your learning started.  Bookmark this page, and come back regularly as we add additional lessons and easy to learn ukulele techniques below.  If you want to advance further with your ukulele playing, sign-up for private lessons from one of our qualified instructors.

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