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Performance Requirements            

The Langley Ukulele Ensemble consists of 24 ukulele players, a director and one upright acoustic bass player.

On Stage

We require a performance area of 24’ wide by 12’ deep.

10 armless chairs set up in an arc, and space in front for the director to stand and for individual vocal or instrument solos. For performance over 60 minutes in length we may require 24 chairs in two parallel rows.


  • We use two Rode NT4 Cardioid condenser microphones placed at the ¼ points to pick up the group's voices and instruments  (4 channels--require phantom power).

  • We use 3 Audio Technica AE5100 condenser mikes at equal points at chest height in front of the group to pick up voices and ukuleles  (3 channels).

  • We use two (preferably wireless) vocal microphones for the director to speak with the audience and for vocal solos and duets  (2 channels).

  • The upright bass will have a contact microphone or if we are travelling by air we will bring an electric upright bass and we will need a bass amp  (1 channel).

  • We amplify between 1 & 4 ukuleles (1 minimum) with 1/4" instrument plug- ins, requiring DI boxes. We may instead use EV wireless belt pack systems with mini XLR instrument cables for solo ukuleles, or a combination of both systems.



Monitors are not required.

Sound Operation

Because of the unique and sometimes unpredictable dynamics of the performance the Langley Ukulele Association will provide either:

1) A sound system operator, or

2) A member to provide cues for the event’s sound system operator.

Additional Equipment

The following equipment can be provided upon agreement with director:

  • All microphones, wireless equipment and microphone stands.

  • If the venue does not already have a sound system in place we can supply our own 24 channel Presonus digital mixing board, 150’ Digiflex snake and speakers as well as all necessary cables.


What We Need From You

10 chairs on a minimum 24’ x 12’ performance area.

A small area, with a minimum 2' x 3' table to set up our sound board if one is not already provided, with good sightlines to the stage, and within reasonable reach of a power outlet. If you provide the sound board we will require a minimum of 8 channels and phantom power on five channels. If a sound system is already on site we will need access to the sound control area to either run the sound board or to cue the operator.

Green room: The group will also need a warm up area with 26 chairs and a suitable area to leave ukulele cases and personal effects while they perform. This area must be secure to prevent theft. Drinking water (no plastic bottles please ) should be provided. You are very welcome to provide snacks.

For Merchandise: A table (3ft x 5ft) in a visible location, eg. the foyer, for CD and T-shirt sales.

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