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This is the Langley Ukulele Ensemble’s 16th studio album; the fourth under the musical direction of Paul Luongo. To celebrate 40 years of enriching lives through music, this album features musical selections from in and around the founding of the Langley Ukulele Association (LUA) in 1981. Featuring the 70’s and 80’s favourite songs in Disco, Funk, Pop, and Rock, this album was recorded and produced during one of the most unprecedented times in our history – a global pandemic. Not letting the challenges of the pandemic diminish the ability to learn or make music, the ensemble was proud to welcome back alumni members over the association’s 40-year history to be a part of this album. Unlike any of the 15 albums previously recorded, this one creatively features many individuals from both the past and present.


Featured hits include: We Are Family, The ABBA Medley (Bonus Track available only on album featuring Exit 58), and Sweet Child o' Mine

CELEBRATE: 40 Years of Enriching Lives Through Music

  • $7.50 Shipping + Handling

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