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Our History

The ukulele program got its start in the Langley School District during the 1970’s when ukulele was incorporated as part of the music offerings in the Langley School District. To help motivate students, and to offer further opportunity to them “Honour Groups” were established.

Our Community

We are incredibly thankful for our generous sponsors who continue to support our various events and travel opportunities, which further enables us to continue to enrich the lives of others through music.

Take a Musical Moment


Taking over from Peter Luongo, current directors and previous members of the ensembles, Paul Luongo and Elizabeth Zielke, carry on the vision of igniting powerful leaders and creating awe inspiring experiences.


After 35 years of enriching lives through music, a group of ukulele alumni got together to celebrate the association's milestone. Once reconnected, the alumni group wondered why they didn't get together more often and stayed connected to plan more events with some socialization and ukulele playing!

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