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Transition Ensemble            

The Transition Ensemble is in its first year under the direction of Paul Luongo. This group consists of members seeking to further develop their skills and abilities to grow in better understanding music from a holistic, experiential-based process. With aspirations to transition into the Senior Ensemble, members will have the opportunity to learn from Senior Ensemble members, while also performing alongside them in the Winter and Spring productions. Notably, the Transition Ensemble will enjoy an overnight retreat that will consist of workshops, rehearsals, and a mini performance for family and friends to demonstrate their learning and growth. With a focus on learning the most up-to-date and relevant repertoire performed by the Senior Ensemble, some members of the group will make the transition to the Senior Ensemble in the New Year, while the remaining members will continue to develop into proficient and independent musicians and performers by the end of the year. As this group rehearses alongside the Senior Ensemble, they will also have an additional third hour to solidify their learning, understanding, and abilities in a smaller group setting. These members are being set up for success in being future members of the Senior Langley Ukulele Ensemble.

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